I need a big gal



If Valerie could give one piece of advice to people who are nervous about getting into yoga, it would be to just try it and see.

I need a big gal

To find some balance, she started practicing yoga to connect with herself, take a break from art, and celebrate body positivity. For Sagun, self-love is about finding a healthy relationship with yourself — whether through yoga, or other activities.

I need a big gal

If you aren't already one of herInstagram followers, you need to know about Valerie of Big Gal Yoga. She began posting video tutorials and challenges on Instagram, which today has more than beed, followers.

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It's made me feel like my body can't do the same things as they can. That couldn't be farther from the truth!

I need a big gal

The book includes yoga routines and pose modifications as well as positive messages, Sagun said. There cannot just be the one person for a whole race.

2. really look at your body

The bulk of this book is many poses in her 30 Day Sex dating in Chilmark, and the s before that explain yoga and what yoga means to a fat person. Valerie started practicing yoga about four years ago, and her passion for the lifestyle has only grown since, to the point that it's at the centre of her mission to encourage others to use and love their bodies. Monica Luhar. After about a year and a half on Tumblr, Valerie says she "had gotten about 10, followers, so then a lot of people started asking me to do Instagram Her site features a truly beginner-friendly guide to starting a yoga routine, most notably with a list of fitness-gear brands that are inclusive of all body types.

Sagun hopes to see more plus-size women represented — and in all yoga media, not just in specific niches.

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Once outfitted, you can head over to Valerie's Instagram and kick off one of her many month-long challenges. Valerie is an inspiration. Yes, there are a lot more now with POC communities making their own videos, or some companies bringing on plus-size and POC teachers, but it still hasn't fully Wives want nsa La Farge to big media," Sagun said, using an acronym for people of color.

This is why, it seems, the mainstream image of a yogi is not a plus-size one: "The media sees any other yogi, besides this type of standard, to not be part of the group. A prolific social media user, tireless yogi and avid body-confidence enthusiast, she is changing the way people think about yoga, ability and body image, one picture at a time.

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But Sagun focuses on the positive, practicing self-love through yoga. Valerie Sagun, body positive activist and founder of Big Gal Yoga.

She shares her personal journey on social media while interacting with other yoga practitioners, and released a book earlier this year featuring instructions for those looking to start their own yoga practices. For a long time, I've tried to get into yoga and pilates, but it's difficult finding gurus that are my size.

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When asked about receiving negative comments on her Instagram posts, Valerie explains that "it comes with being big. That pose was pretty difficult for me.

I need a big gal

On the media's depiction Adult seeking nsa Fishtrap Kentucky 41557 the yoga community: "I think the media discriminates — they only show a small portion of who yogis are. This book will be well loved by me, and if you are a plus sized person, like myself, I encourage you to read through Big Gal Gap.

She began posting photos of her doing yoga against backdrops of state parks, beaches, and hiking trails and encouraged others to share their yoga journeys as well.

I need a girl (part one)

Click through to see a selection of Valerie's best poses and read what she has to say about getting into yoga and how to respond to body-shamers. Sagun began receiving positive responses and realized there was a need for more body-positive representations of women of color.

Her updates on her own progress with each challenge will consistently deliver you a dose of motivation. There are more plus-size social media influencers today than when she started, Sagun said, but there is still a lot of work to be done, especially when it comes to those in bbig Asian-American, Latino, and black Sexy looking nsa Jonesboro Arkansas. I bit energized reading it, I've already dog-eared several s, and broken the spine laying the book flat to read her instructions.

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