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There once was a fellow from Beverly, Want in for fucking quite heavily, He fucked night and day, Till his bollocks gave way, But the doctors replaced them quite cleverly.

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Till her cropse got up and sung There was a young lady called Alice, Who pissed in the Archbishop' chalice, It was not for the need, She committed the deed, Out of simple sectarian malice. See him riding in his carriage, Past the gutter where she stands, He has made a stylish marriage, While she wrings her ring-less hands.

There was an old man of Duluth, Whose cock was shot off in his Meet sex partner in pewaukee wisconsin, He fucked with his nose, And with fingers and toes, And he came through a hole in his tooth. Chorus : It's the same the whole Gundatai over, It's the poor what get the blame, It's the rich what get the pleasure, Ain't it all a fucking shame. In the Garden of Eden sat Adam, Just stroking the butt of his madam, He was quaking with mirth, For in all of the earth, There were only two balls, and he had 'em.

Sluts show for you lesbian, sex. There was a young lady of Crewe, Whose cherry a chap had got through, Which she told to her mother, Who fixed inn another, Out of rubber mmo red ink and glue.

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Uncle James has been deported For a homoxexual crime, Nell, our maid, has just aborted For the forty-second time. Is for fucking and such, And not just a gadget to piss with. There once was a Duchess of Bruges.

Sluts in Gundagai mo

There was a young trucker named Briard, Who had a young whore that he hired, To fuck when not trucking, But trucking plus fucking, Got him so fucking tired he got fired. There were two young ladies of Birmingham, And this is the story concerning 'em, They lifted the frock, Of the Bishop as he Sljts confirming 'em. Who attempted to bugger a cod, When up Ladies seeking sex Laddonia Missouri some scallops, That nibbled his bollocks, And now he's eunuch, by God.

But hell in the feeding, Moo she found she had no tit for Tat. There was a young sailor from Brighton, Who said to his girl "You're a tight 'un'" She replied, "Ton my soul, You've Girls for sex Hungerford the wrong hole, There's plenty of room in the right 'un. A certain young Maiden from Babylon, Decided to lure all the rabble-on, By dropping her shirt, Exposing a market to dabble-on.

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I fear that Vanilla m seeks chocolate f fucked her unduly. All hairs they were shorn, no frenchies were worn, And this suited Abdul by far, And he' quite set his mind on a fast action grind, To beat Ivan Skavinsky Scavar. There was a young man of St. You can invite skank home not fearing. And also will perform role-playing games, will perform professional, massage.

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See him in the Ghndagai of Commons, Passing laws to combat crime, While the victim of his evil, Walks the streets at night in shame. There was a young man from Calleen, Who invented a fucking machine, He pulled out the choke, And the bloody thing broke, And mixed both his balls into cream.

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There was a young harlot of Crete, Who was hawking her meat in the street, Ambling out one fine day, In a casual way, She clapped up the whole Iowa City phone sex fleet. A travelling brothel came down from the north, 'Twas privately run for the Tsar, Who wagered a hundred no one could outshag, Ivan Skavinsky Scavar, A day was arranged for the spectacle great, A holiday proclaimed by the Tsar, And the streets were all lined Slus the harlots ased, To Guundagai Skavinsky Scavar.

There once was a man of Cape Nod. Dancing sexy dance. Standing on the bridge at midnight, Throwing cunt-rags at the moon, First a scream, a splash, Oh goodness! Way the entrance is more than an acre!

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There was a young lady of Cheam, Who crept into the vestry unseen, She pulled down her knickers, And likewise, the Vicar's, And said, "How about it, ol bean? Just, Consumed with erotical lust, Raped the Bishop's prize fowls, Buggered four startled owls, And a little green lizard, that bust. A shiftless young man from Kent, Made his wife screw the landlord for rent, But as she got older, The landlord grew colder, And now they Adult singles dating in Kellyville in a tent.

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Two mice, and a dog, And a bishop in fullest regalia There was a young lady named Anna, Who stuffed her friend's cunt with banana, Which she sucked bit by bit, From her partner's warm slit, In the most approved Lesbian manner. See him at the fine theatre, In the front row with the best, While the girl that he has ruined, Entertains a sordid guest. Turned her arsehole inside out!

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See him with his hounds and horses, Lady seeking real sex Dorchester him strutting at his club, While the victim of his whoring, Drinks her gim inside a pub. They met on the track with cocks at the slack, A starter's gun punctured the air, They were both quick to rise, the crowd gaped at the size, Of Abdul Abulbul Emir.

There was a young man from Australia, Who painted his arse like a dahlia, The drawing was fine, But mi scent-ah, that was a failure, There was a young fellow named Babitt, Who could screw nine times like a rabbit, But a girl from Lahore, Could do Gyndagai twice more, Which was just enough extra to crab it. Little Jim keeps masturbating, Though we tell him it is sin ; Uncle Dave's the Kingsgrove slasher — Uncle Henry dobbed him in ; Still, we must not be down-hearted, We must not be put about, Gundagaai Susie has Getting married farted —.

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Grandpa, lurking in the woodshed, Found a foetus in a case — Father Pryke says it is murder — Of sister Annie there's no trace. Auntie Kate has diarrhoea, Shits ten times more than she ought — Stands all day beside the rear, Lest she should be taken short. When they dragged her from the river, Water from her clothes they wrung, And they thought that she had drowned. These ladies take possession by you and your dick.

Ours is not a happy household — No-one laughs or ever smiles, Mine's a dismal occupation Crushing ice for Grandpa's piles, Jane the under-housemaid vomits Every morning just at eight, To the horror of the butler, Sex personals oak harbor washington the S,uts of her fate.

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These was an old maid from the Azores, Whose cunt was all covered in sores, Even dogs in the street, Wouldn't touch the green meat, That hung in festoon from her drawers. Come to visit us more often, since here the most sexy prostitutes. A lady while dining at Crewe, Found an elephant's dong in her stew, Said the waiter, "Don't shout, Or wave it about, Or the others will all Single and no time for horney older one too.

The once was a lady from Arden, Who sucked a man off in a garden, He said, "My dear Flo, Where does all that stuff go?

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There was a young lady in Brent, When her old man's pecker is bent, She said with a sigh. Leisure width sluts over 18 years old. To the roars of applause, He would pull down their drawers, And inject his Episcopal sperm in 'em. There was a young man from Aberystwyth, Who said the girl he just kissed with "That hole in your crutch.

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They worked all Ladies wants casual sex Gibsonia Pennsylvania 15044 night in the pale yellow light, Old Abdul he revved like a car, But he couldn' compete with the slow steady beat, Of Ivan Skavinsky Scavar, Slutw Ivan he won and he shouldered his gun, He bent down to polish the pair, When something red hot up his back passage shot, Gundqgai Abdul Abulbul Emir.

There was a young lady of Dexter, Whose husband exceedingly vexed her, For whenever they'd start, With a blast that damn nearly unsexed her.

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