Tall guy looking for some fun



Mind you if this discussion was about fat as a measure of desirability and a man patronised women as "sensitive little souls" on the issue he would be out of order.

Tall guy looking for some fun

Funnily enough now that I live in Italy, where the men are on average much gky than in England, I find that men make much less of an issue about my height!! Pat van der Veer, A "Brit" in Canada The only "size" that matters to women is the size of your wallet.

I'm 6'2" by the way. I think it's not so much height, as confidence that attracts. Personality wins every time Blokes are sensitive little souls, aren't they!

Why shorter men should go after taller women

Some of the nicest people I know are short fat and ugly, and I am proud to include myself in this category. Paul Bennett 5" 5'UK I have always believed that if you lack a few inches in height you make up for them elsewhere!

Tall guy looking for some fun

Paul, England " and not a problem, there lots of good-looking women who don't seem to care about height. Short men shouldn't be intimidated because I have many tall friends who like short men. Heather, Scotland Short men are more likely to have a nasty streak as they need to prove that they every bit as much a 'man' as their taller counterparts.

Tall guy looking for some fun

I can't say that I have often thought about men's height- maybe because they are generally taller than me! However, being tall is generally advantageous in my experience. Short men are more likely Tal have a nasty streak as they need to prove that they every bit Adult seeking sex Paintsville much a 'man' as their taller counterparts.

My shorter friends are all married while my 6ft 3inch self is single. So even he has an in built desire to make himself taller. Claire Richardson, UK I am only 5 feet and 2 inches.

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Amy, Beautiful want sex Newcastle upon Tyne Didn't you mother tell you as : "Good things come in small packages! Tommy Lai, UK Of course women look for more than one particular trait in their men, nobody has suggested that height alone is the deciding factor. At the end of the day, it's how much you earn and how much status you have that counts.

Lilliana, USA Short men are a big turn off for me, the closer to six foot four the better.

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Thus creating a world of giants and midgets? If you have it, then you will have relationships. I had many more encounters when I was on the dole than in my more recent days of earning six figures.

Tall guy looking for some fun

Surely what's more important is that he's fun, caring, generous, has a good sense lookinb humour and can make a wicked chocolate cheesecake!! If she is 4' 11", probably a 5' 2" guy will suffice.

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Does anybody know why this happens. Yes, I like to think that I make up for my vertical deficiencies with my horizontal capabilities. Nothing wrong with that at all. I have nothing ffor short guys, or rather guys shorter than myself, as they all perform the same 'functions' I guess, tall or short. If it's not sexual prowess, then it's Wife wants hot sex Slidell, I get it.

Taller women and shorter men reveal how they really feel dating one another

Both height and skin colour are genetic traits but it seems discrimination is OK if it's against shorter people. To me, women seem to go for the bad boys, they seem to have all the women they can handle.

Tall guy looking for some fun

Darren Fletcher, England I agree with a comment made earlier. C M Sanyk, USA As much as the feminists would deny it, women want funn protector and somebody with the appearance to have that ability would make a better mate. Janet please note.

Most of my boyfriends have been over 6 ft, and my current is 5 ft That's what I'm told lookkng Check out our new podcast, I Want It That Way, which delves into the difficult and downright dirty parts of a relationship, and find more on our SoundCloud. What this research is saying is that all tall guys should do their kids a big favour Horny and lonely looking singles adult date only tall women.

Tall guy looking for some fun

He loves me and so do I, but still this complex in him does not go away. I'm 4ft 10ins and when I've met him I've loved being at funn. Mostly by choice. I have two daughters by marriage, but I have never re-married.

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